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Need to get this off my chest:

People misunderstand my quietness as me being extremely shy and don’t like talking to people- they call me out on it , talk about it and assume about it as if that’s the truth. Truth is that’s wrong. Truth is using that false info to say negative things about me/ telling me to talk more sucks, annoys me, and can even hurt my feelings.

It never really bothered me in the past; i would just do this back then, but ever since Tuesday it got on my nerves and today it finally hurt my feelings. And now i want to do this to anyone who brings up my quiet personality.

Yes, i don’t like to talk much- keeping things short, only talking when i have to/necessary or when being asked and i don’t like initiating conversations- and i rather listen & observe than talking. Yes, i don’t talk much during group activities, but that’s because i rather let other people talk to each other without interrupting and i’m a considerate person- i don’t like talking over people . Yes, i am a private person who likes being alone, but that doesn’t mean i’m shy. The truth is i’m open socially and i’m happy to instigate talk people when in the workplace, i just don’t show it in class. Yes, i do admit my personality is not the most conforming, accessible, easy to understand. If having a personality like that is a crime, then i’m sorry but that’s who i am.

As for the teacher having a point to call me out, no there isn’t. Not when she’s always like ” It is important to speak up in this job especially the if you are a quiet person. You know what i mean Havoc1st. And i don’t mean to single you out Havoc1st” infront of the class. I’m like, if you don’t mean to single me out then don’t use my name. Honestly, she could could’ve said the same thing without mentioning me. It’s really annoying.

If people decided to bring up my quietness in an irrelevant conversations. Then yes, i think that’s rude and i’ll get on my nerves real bad.

And if someone says ” do you want a job? Then talk more in class”, then yes i’m gonna take offence and have my feelings hurt. And yes, that’s gonna make me extremely sensitive when people talk about my quietness in the future, even if they mean it in a benign way.

Honestly, if people let me be who i am, without commenting on my personality, they’ll realise that i’m not that different.

Changes to the sidebar, ‘About’ page, and new music section


Added an image because i felt like this site had been lacking a sidebar picture for a long time. Only took this long because i needed to find the perfect picture. The picture might change in the future though.

Also i added a gallery of signatures i created using GIMP and embedded a Music Video of my favourite song. Check them out.

The ‘About’ Page

Changes are nothing drastic to the About page. The changes are just adding extra images and GIFs, and extra sentences.

New section under the Music tab

Added new ‘Favourite Music Video’ section  under the music tab.